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EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)
EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)

EX-1 waterproof fishing drone - 4s version (Pre-order)

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EX-1 Waterproof Drone



The Cuta-Copter EX-1 4S has pilot and people safety at the centre of its design. How the drone flies and regulates the pilot is an essential element in assisting with the protection of your asset and lives around the user. Flight modes include follow me, auto land, auto take off and boat landing mode. Some of the safety features include low battery to launch function, App display and verbal warnings such as low battery, geofence breach or magnetic interference detected to name only a few. The 4S version features 20A ‘ESC’ Electronic speed controllers, 4S battery and 12″ Carbon fiber propellers enabling this bad boy to carry 2 kg with ease. Cuta-Copter EX-1 has an electronic bait release mechanism and comes with a Snapper tension release rig, enabling trawling of bait and lures and the safe deployment of baits every time. The EX-1 has a 720P digital camera for spotting reefs and you can also record your bait drops straight to your Android phone or tablet. 

Main Features:

  1. Double Water Proofing – In total there are 3 air chambers. Main electronics chamber, Battery bay and camera pod. Each has a water-tight seal. For additional protection, the Esc, PMU, BEC and GPS are sealed in Di-Electric resin in case the main seals become damaged in any way.  The RX and FC are sealed in a secondary water-tight box in the main chamber.
  2. Double floatation – The 3 air chambers provide level 1 floatation. The EX-1 is also filled with laser cut foam buoyancy, level 2 of floatation. The landing feet also provide additional floats.
  3. ESC cooling – Esc’s are vented under the prop wash to keep esc’s cooler.
  4. Quick Switch – The installed quick switch limits the need to open the battery bay. Between bait drops, the craft is quickly switched on and off using the supplied switch.
  5. Advanced vibration damping. The new FC has advanced software-based vibration damping to assist in a smoother flying craft.
  6. Multiple flight modes – many custom flight modes are available for advanced users.
  7. App control – the supplied APP allows special flight conditions like phone control of landing and take-off. Circle modes and follow-me modes. The APP is also able to modify all drone parameters wirelessly. Only for advanced users.
  8. New 10ch Radio – the new long-range radio is supplied with sand covers over gimbals and a protective cover on the face plate switches to improve the overall weather resistance. Smaller push button and toggle switches have been used to prevent damage. This new radio provides a full UAV data link for all flight info, but also allows for the accelerometer and Gyro calibration without the need of plugging the system into a PC.
  9. Video stream – The EX-1 equipped standard with a digital camera which has a video transmission of over 1500M. Drone legal distance is set to 500M, so the live video is easily visible on your phone. Camera settings like brightness, Contrast and saturation can be adjusted from the APP. Recordings of bait drops can also be made on the phone.
  10. SONAR – The optional SONAR sensor will provide precise altitude control and prevent the drone from passing a minimum set altitude level. This is useful for lure and bait trolling where the drone is pulled down due to the resistance of the lure in the water.
  11. Radio batteries – 2 x Li-Ion 18560 batts are required for the radio which give in excess of 20 hours radio on time.
  12. New servo release – a new water-proof servo is standard.
  13. Landing on water – the Ex-1 can land and take off from water. Rough water will impact the ability of the craft to take-off, as waves will interfere with the prop lift. Extreme care and after salt cleaning is required with salt exposure. Metal parts in the motors will corrode and reduce the drone’s life if not treated properly.  Intentional landing on water is not recommend for everyday use. If the craft flips over in water, loss of radio signal is likely so recovery of craft could be difficult.
  14. Follow-Me mode – In this mode, the drone will follow the location of the remote\phone.
  15. Boat Landing mode – this feature allows the drone to land (RTL) at the location of the pilot and not at the take-off point. This is very useful when using the drone on a boat which has drifted away from the original take-off co-ordinates.
  16. New Safety features
    1. Voltage monitoring. The battery voltage is displayed on the phone device for easy battery level checking. Also, the craft will not arm\start motors if it detects that the battery is not at a safe level for flight. This is a user adjustable parameter for advanced users via the phone APP.
    2. Low Batt Return to Launch. This has improved safety as the computer will return the craft to launch, but the pilot cannot inadvertently force the craft to continue flying. The low battery level is user adjustable for Advanced users via Phone APP.
    3. RTL speed – RTL speed has been increased to get the drone off the water as soon as possible.
    4. Anti-pendulum feature – The main bait-drop flying mode, (POS.HOLD), has more controlled de-acceleration to assist in limiting the degree to which a pendulum motion can occur with the bait. This allows for shorter leaders to be used with safety.
    5. APP display and voice. Visual and voice messages are broadcast to keep the pilot informed about all aspects of the flight. The system will warn you by voice and display that the battery is low, geofence breach or when Magnetic interference is detected.
    6. RC Feel – The sticks have a reduced sensitivity around middle to allow beginners an easy experience.
    7. GPS – The New advanced GPS has been re-located to the highest point of the craft for best satellite reception and maximum separation from other electronic parts in the craft to improve reliability and precise landings.
    8. Magnetic compensation – the motors are a bad source of magnetic interference. The new FC control algorithm allows that the motors’ interference are ignored thereby reducing compass issues.
    9. Landing detect – The new landing detect feature will shut off the motors as soon as the drone detects a landing. Motors will also be shut off if it detects a crash.
    10. Distance and Altitude Geofence – RTL is activated if the geofence is breached for either distance or altitude. (Adjustable for advanced users)
    11. Flight time safety – advanced users can modify the voltage protection to enhance fly-time. This parameter should be modified with caution to avoid total power loss.


Flight Modes

Loiter Mode (Bait Drop)
Position Hold
Altitude Hold
Guided Mode (via app)
Auto-Land– SIGNAL
Auto take-off via app
Other modes for advanced users.
Follow-me Mode

Weight w/o Batt: 1.8kg
Speed max @ 32 Degree: 54kph
Speed Max in Bait: 11M/S
Speed Max in Drop Mode: 39 KPH
Craft tilt angle default: 32 degree(user adjustable)
Max speed (Custom Setup): 100khp
Wind Resistance: 39 kph
Max safe bait load: 2.0kg
RC Range (LOS): 2000M+
Video Range: 1500M
Prop Sizes: 12” Carbon Fibre
Battery Size Max: 5000 MAH,4S
Number of BAIT drops to 200M using a 750Grm load: 6 – 9
Craft size: 355 x 355
Esc: 20A
Phone mount on radio: Yes
Main Flight Control: Arducopter
Total Fly-time hour meter: Yes
Di-Electric Electronics Sealing: Esc, GPS, PMU, BEC
Water proofing: IP67 on Main Chamber, Battery Bay, Other electronics sealed with Di-Electric resin
Data display on Android Device: Satellites, Distance ,Voltage, Speed, Attitude, Vibration etc
Remote batteries Re-chargeable (required not included): 18560 x 2
Package: Backpack included
Radio: 2.4ghz Dual RF, 10 channel
Phone APP (Android only): Yes
Wireless Acc/Gyro Cal: Yes
Wireless Parameter Adjustment: Yes
Sonar: Optional (TBA)
Bait release: Waterproof Servo sling type
Double waterproofing: Yes
Max Battery Dimensions: 162mmX45mmX42mm
Lights (not supplied): External (Optional)
Fixed Digital Reef Spotting Camera: 720P Fixed Digital Reef Spotting Camera